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CMB Engineering take pride in tackling challenges, over the years this has meant that as the complexity of the projects undertaken by CMB Engineering increased we were able to take increase our offering of services to include Process Engineering.


In order to deliver these packages CMB Engineering have developed a strong relationship with supply chain partners which allows us to tackle diverse system installations.


CMB Engineering have provided:


  • Acid Waste Water Treatment

  • Solvent Waste Collection

  • Toxic Liquid Effluent Collection

  • Toxic Gas Abatement

  • Ultrapure Water / De-ionised Water

  • Acid Scrubbers

  • Process Gases Installations (Including toxics, flammables, pyrophorics, inerts and oxidisers).

  • Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

  • Safety Response Systems

  • High Grade Compressed Dry Air

  • Process Cooling Water

  • High Pressure Central Vacuum

  • Hazardous Exhaust Ventilation Systems

  • Close-Control environmental installations to 0.1 C/hr drift’

"Having undertaken projects such as TRH and CISM, we have developed our experience and expertise in the Cleanroom sector and intend on continuing a focus on this in the future."

More Services:

Process Engineering
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