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Cleanrooms are typically used in manufacturing or scientific research facilities with the aim of providing a controlled environment in which airborne particles are kept to a minimum depending on the classification required. Classifications examples can range from ISO 1-9/ Class 1- 100,000 the lower the class number equals the lower particles allowable I.E ISO3 would have a maximum of 1,000 particles per M/3.


These types of installations are required due to the nature of the process being performed as particles could damage the end product, whether it be semi-conductor materials or pharmaceutical equipment. This, in addition to human interaction, requires cleanroom suits to be worn to mitigate any skin particles or alike contaminating the area. In an outside space, you can expect normal particle exposure of circa 35,000,000 per meter cubed, making it quite a feat to achieve cleanroom standards, as we have repeatedly done over the course of the following projects:

  • IQE – Semiconductor Facility

  • TRF – Research Facility for Cardiff University

  • Medicom – Pharmaceutical PPE Manufacturer in Northampton

  • CISM – University Research Facility for Swansea University


The installation would require multiple services working seamlessly together such as positive pressure ventilation that forces the particles out, humidity and temperature control to +/- 2⁰C and 50% RH, along with specialist items such as HEPA filters, air showers and specialist change areas.


Other than the clean room environment, there are often the additional specialist utilities required for high spec machines that include process cooling, R.O & D.I Water, specialist gasses and complex safety systems due to the nature of different processes.

"Having undertaken projects such as TRH and CISM, we have developed our experience and expertise in the Cleanroom sector and intend on continuing a focus on this in the future."

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Engineers and Businesspeople
The selection of CMB as our construction partner was a major contribution to the success of our cleanroom projects.

Dr. Gordon Horsburgh

VP Group Engineering, IQE

Clean Rooms
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