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Upgrading and Improving Our Staff's PPE

As an industry, we are renowned for considering the protective element when selecting our Personal Protective Equipment but overlook the personal element. To ensure our PPE considers both, we undertook extensive research through questionnaires and feedback sessions with several CMB employees. From the results we gathered, we’ve collaborated with our suppliers on how to best meet the needs of our employees.

Whilst we understand as a business PPE will always be a priority, we want to make sure that we have done everything we can to ensure our employees are given the best equipment to guarantee their safety while working on our sites.

We are happy to say, we have now individually face fitted all employees for specific safety glasses, fitted each employee with the correct gloves, face fitted each employee with press to check RPE, issued full ventilated face masks for those with facial hair, provided hard hats to 12492 standard and finally provided ear defenders based upon each employee’s preference and favoured fit.

Each employees new PPE has come in a CMB Engineering branded and personalised bag for easy transport and use. Most importantly, we have ensured that the PPE is suitable and able to perform as it should when being worn. The individual assessments undertaken on employees ensured we could achieve this.

Thank you to our Health and Safety Team for carrying out the individual PPE fit checks and putting the safety of our employees first.


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