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Mental Health Awareness - Hear From Our Team

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the official theme is Anxiety.

The following accounts have been offered forward commendably by two CMB employees, who wish to anonymously share their experiences with Anxiety in aim of raising awareness first hand, and what to do if you find yourself facing such feelings.

Anonymous 1:

"Shortly after the breakdown of a marriage, I thought the world was going to end. How am I going to pay the bills? How am I going to cope with the kids if I'm in work and something goes wrong? What do I do next? It was such an overwhelming time for me. I spiralled into depression, gradually getting worse, I needed help. That's the worst thing and best thing, admitting to yourself you need help.

I decided to sought counselling, it's usually free, or just a donation. The sessions worked to a degree, got me off Sertraline, those of you know... know, and back to some sort of reality. Things sort of fell into place then, thinking more clearly, taking charge of situations, earning and living.... believe it or not there's a world of difference between the two.

Guys n gals, you are only human, even the best engineered things mess up sometimes. There is no shame in seeking help and advice, there is no shame in talking. Einstein was dead right, every action has a positive and opposite reaction, so what seems hopeless now, will not be as hopeless in time. Help and advice is out there, anonymously and confidentiality, there's no shame if you do... it's a bigger shame if you don't”.

Anonymous 2:

“I have experienced a period of anxiety, which initially was all encompassing, but slowly dissipating as time passed. Initially, the intense feeling of failure and vulnerability was overwhelming both in my personal and working life. I initially had private Counselling sessions which were therapeutic to a point. I decided not to use antidepressants or any medication, opting for a structured strategy of self-analysis.

My advice to those experiencing anxiety is to communicate with workmates and supervisors. If you feel you are in a position where you are under resourced or out of your depth, actively engage with your employer and family and friends”.

We'd like to thanks these individuals for sharing their stories with us and encourage anyone who may be going through something similar to speak out and seek support from friends, family or colleagues.

For anyone who may be looking for internal support within the company, you can find our list of Mental Health Champions via contacting our HR department. These Champions have put forward their names and contact details as people who are open to being contacted to provide support to staff who may be struggling. This can be done entirely anonymously if you wish.


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