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Mike Evans: In Loving Memory

"Well son, some said we couldn’t do it and we have proved them wrong."

Statement from CMB Engineering Managing Director, Steve Borley:

On behalf of the Directors and Staff at CMB Engineering, we were deeply saddened at the passing of Mike Evans, the Founder and Managing Director of Evans Electrical, on Christmas Eve. We offer Maureen, Owen, and David our sincerest condolences at this time as we mourn together for a true friend and colleague.

CMB and Evans Electrical have been instrumental in each other’s companies’ growth over the past 25 years and my friendship with Mike being key to forging that relationship based on shared values and old-fashioned trust: “We don’t do grief and adopt a can-do attitude to delivering projects on time and on budget”.

We first met on a project for Edward Davies Construction called The Guildhall Tavern and instantly hit it off on a difficult refurbishment project. Both Mike and I pushed forward and promoted each other to existing clients such as Rightacres and JR Smart as well as the traditional main contractors without fear of the others ability. We both shared a passion for football and even our advertising boards can be seen side by side at Cardiff City Stadium.

Over the years the relationship grew and CMB worked alongside Evans on bigger and bigger projects starting with the tens of thousands, rising to the hundreds of thousands, to the millions and finally the tens of millions. There was never a cross word spoken, just lots of fun along the way with support when needed from either party.

Steve Borley, CMB Founder (Left) with Mike Evans (Right)

(Image: BBC)

The opposition never really got it. Individually both companies were considered good, but together we were awesome and unbeatable. Together we proved lots of people wrong along the way and thanks to our shared clients support and belief, we delivered. The projects undertaken are a testament to that statement, such as the BBC Headquarters, Plots 1 and 2 Central Square, the new Tax Office, DWP Treforest, Tyndall Street Offices and Cardiff and Vale College, to mention just a few.

The relationship continues on the Westgate Hotel, the Interchange and John Street Offices where we will continue to support Owen Evans and his team as we continue working together.

As Mike would say “no matter what happens today, the milk still gets delivered in the morning."

Rest in Peace Mike, a true friend to the end.

Mike Evans during his time with St Peter's RFC in Cardiff

(Image: St Peter's RFC)


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