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CMB Triumph In Charity Football Tournament

It was a privilege to complete in the ISG charity 5-a-side football tournament for the second year in a row last Thursday. The event raised over £4,000 for Cardiff based charity Heads Above The Waves – a nonprofit organisation that raises awareness of depression and self-harm in young people and is a fantastic organisation that does fantastic work.


9 teams were involved in the 5-a-side event and all contributed to raising a significant amount of money for this extremely important cause.


We are very pleasured to announce that after 10 competitive games, CMB won the tournament! Their game scores were as followed:


Group Stage:

CMB vs Whitehead Building Services: 1 - 0

CMB vs Dudley’s Aluminium: 2 - 0

CMB vs ISG: 0 – 1

CMB vs Sphere Solutions: 3 – 0

CMB vs Acorn Recruitment: 6 – 1

CMB vs Craftsman Flooring: 1 – 0

CMB vs Evans Electrical: 1 – 1

CMB vs ISG Fairwater: 6 – 0



CMB vs Craftsman Flooring: 1 – 0



CMB vs ISG: 2 – 1


We’d like to give a very special thank you to the CMB guys who stepped up to play – Cameron McDonald, Darron Boycott, Jack Henry, Joe Hughes, Jordan Mace, Josh Hatfield, Leigh Smith, Louis Spillane and Mathew White. The chaps are pictured below in their brand new branded CMB kits.

We hope the money we raised from this event, helps do even more for those who need it.


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