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The Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) building is located at the heart of Swansea University’s Bay Campus within the existing engineering quarter and benefits from spectacular views being right on the beach front.


The £31 Million 3-storey building covers a remarkable 4,320sqm of cleanroom, research and office facilities and uses energy efficient building techniques and renewable energy technology to achieve a minimum assessment of BREEAM ‘Excellent’.


The Centre will deal with advanced silicon, state-of-the-art compound semiconductors, offering the chance to combine research and innovation resources that will put British manufacturing on an international scale in the new and emerging global tech markets.


CMB began construction on the Mechanical, Electrical and Process Systems installations for the project back in July 2021 and a little over a year and half later, we are delighted to have successfully handed over this project to a satisfied client. Within this highly advanced facility, there is a manufacturing grade ISO-qualified cleanroom, advanced NNG research laboratories, MOVCD growth facility, and customer bays. Quality on this project has been at the forefront of all of our works and the comments from the end user has reflected this with positive and promising feedback from start to finish.


Some of the works our team have so far carried out include:


  • Process Gases Installation with Toxic and Inert Systems

  • Acid Wet Scrubber System

  • Wastewater Treatment Facility

  • Process Vacuum

  • RO/DI Water Generation Plant

  • Hydrogen Generation Plant

  • Nitrogen Generation Plant

  • Process Cooling Water

  • Sensible Cooling Systems

  • Gas Abatement and Cleansorb Systems

  • Toxic Gas Monitoring

  • LV Distribution

  • Lighting and Power

  • Data

  • PV System

  • Cleanroom Supply and Extract System

  • Chilled Water

  • LTHW and Domestic H&C Water Systems

Project Information

Location: Swansea

Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Client: Swansea University

Value: £13 Million

Duration: 20 Months



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