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Two Rivers

Project Information

Location: Bristol

Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Client: Two Rivers CofE Primary School

Value: £1.63  Million

Duration: 8 Months



CMB are proud to have delivered the Mechanical & Electrical design and installation at Two Rivers CofE Primary School - a new state of the art school in Keynsham, along with our partners Hydrock, HPA Architects and ISG.

The school is anticipated to receive Passivhaus certification based on a 6-month report issued on performance from an external accreditation group. Only a small handful of educational buildings in the UK have managed to attain the high standard of Passivhaus certification, with Two Rivers expected to be the latest addition to this group. The highly energy efficient design of Two Rivers pushes the boundary on how modern educational buildings can be built, providing a high level of occupant comfort whilst using very little energy on heating and cooling.

The Mechanical and Electrical services we provided for the school included:

  • Solar Panel System (268 panel Photovoltaic array), with an annual estimated yield of 102,000 Kilowatts per hour.

  • A configurable CP Electronics lighting system – including daylight harvesting

  • Complete LV electrical installation and distribution

  • Complete Safety systems – Fire, Security, Access Control, CCTV, Disabled Alarm, Disabled Refuge, Induction Loops

  • A mechanical supply and extract ventilation system incorporating a central Air Handling Unit capable of 98% heat recovery has been installed at the school.

  • Supply and extract ducts to each occupied space has been installed with Variable Air Volume dampers (VAV). The controls system will monitor the temperature and CO2 levels within each space and vary the air flow to each space to maintain temperature and air quality. Each occupied room will also be fitted with a temperature and CO2 sensor which is linked to the central BMS system.

  • 1 No. high efficiency Mitsubishi Q-ton air Source heat pump has been installed to provide hot water services to the school.

  • 2 No. 21kW high efficiency Ciat air Source heat pumps have been installed with a reduced heating flow temperature of 30 degrees to provide heating services to the school.

  • Increased insulation values and sizes have been installed to minimise the heat loss from the heating and hot water systems. Heating and Hot water have been installed with 50mm thick insulation and a thermal conductivity of 0.035 W/mK.

  • An intelligent Building Management System has been installed to control the above services. The BMS is capable of measuring and recording room temperatures and CO2 concentration from local thermostats as well as energy usage data in a format suitable for uploading to the K2N Iserv building performance analysis.


A big thank you to all of the CMB team involved in this project, from start to finish. Another successful development for our Bristol branch and another project handed over to satisfied clients.

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