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Y Bont is a specialist day nursery and family centre which provides a unique range of services for children with disabilities, complex medical conditions and their families. They offer help and advice to parents/carers and, if needed signpost to like-minded agencies. Providing services 51 weeks a year and 6 days a week, they believe that every child with a disability should be helped to fulfil their potential and they exist to help them do so.


Since their opening in 1997, they have made it their mission to help children and their families in a range of ways through information, practical, social and emotional support. Y Bont is a golden thread that runs through the children’s lives, for many they are a life-line. They are there for the children from 6 weeks of age and, even when they have moved on from nursery with the provision of their after school club and holiday club, they can be a constant source of support to these children and their families’ right up until they are 12. Many families become lifelong friends of Y Bont.


Over the course of the 2 years we have been supporting Y Bont, we have raised £3500 for the charity from various activities such as bake sales and staff fund raisers and also have regular collections for their clothes bank.

Y Bont
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