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Irfan Maruf Wins CAVC 2024 Apprenticeship Award

We would like to congratulate Irfan Maruf who recently won the Heating and Ventilation Commercial/Industrial Award at the Cardiff and Vale College Apprenticeship Awards 2024.

Irfan is a second-year Level 3 apprentice at CMB Engineering and is a mature, determined and dedicated apprentice. He has built great relationships on site with his peers and mentors and is keen to overcome any issues to progress in his apprenticeship. He was also happy to be put on the spot in an assessment in front of an Estyn inspector - and he showed great knowledge, skills and teamwork during this task. Irfan is proactive in asking questions and will seek clarity if unsure on anything, and has proved to be very capable of completing tasks set to him by the site team to a high standard.

CMB Operations Director, John Green, praised Irfan on the award saying:

“On behalf of all at CMB, I would like to congratulate Irfan on winning this award. It is a testament to the hard work he has shown in his time with CMB and this has been recognised by Cardiff and Vale College in selecting him for this award. I am confident Irfan has a long and successful career in front of him.”

Congratulations Irfan!


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