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Translational Research Hub – Cardiff University

The Translational Research Hub (or TRH as we know it) is part of a £300m Innovation Campus master plan to transform the Maindy Road site. The Translational Research Hub (TRH) will be home to two leading centres with the expertise needed to transform industry: the Cardiff Catalysis Institute and the Institute for Compound Semiconductors and will foster partnerships with national and international enterprises to promote academic-to-business, and business-to-business relationships. CMB have been involved since the stage 4 design phase in partnership with Atkins and are now 20 months into build with the project about to enter the commissioning phase.

We have installed a wide range of M&E systems from your standard HVAC to process engineering systems. Some of these include ultra-pure water, process cooling, fully orbitally welded house & speciality gases, dual contained solvent drainage, acid drainage, chemical extract systems, acid scrubbers and a 1,600m2 clean room facility to name but a few.

The building will provide a high-tech lab space that will support research alongside facilities designed for industrial collaboration. Major milestones in recent months include fit out of the clean room mini CUB area, installation of a waste water treatment plant, power energisation of the main LV panel and installation of exhaust stacks following modular offsite fabrication, in conjunction with Parkers Environmental and Morgan’s of Usk.

CMB staff members have also recently been Awarded “above & beyond” awards for management of onsite Safety, with special mentions going to Jason Oliver & Andy Jerrett.

With commissioning activities commencing in earnest, CMB have once again partnered with Solve Consulting to oversee the commissioning management on the project to ensure a proactive and coordinated approach to the process. The early activities include process gas pressure testing and anti-confusion checks along with filling and flushing of the LTHW and chilled water systems.


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