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Maesteg Town Hall

CMB are looking forward to commencing work on the historical building of Maesteg Town Hall next month.

The 3-story building will comprise of a main hall, a studio and dressing rooms to host plays and performances. It will also include offices, a café and heritage and volunteering centre. The project will become a central hub for the community of Maesteg hosting facilities for people to come and meet in the café and watch plays together whilst showcasing the heritage of the area.

In the first few months of construction, our site team will be looking to install all the radiant panels and heat recovery units in the café area and look to install major plant in the plantroom also. The AHU serving the main hall has already been lifted into position and installed along with the plenum boxes prior to the ceiling being installed (see pictures).

This previously derelict building will soon be revamped and transformed into the heart of Maesteg for the community to once again use as it was intended.


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