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COVID-19 Update: Return of Operations

At CMB Engineering, we have always considered the safety and well-being of all our Staff to be our utmost priority, especially during these times of uncertainty with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

During the past few months, our Office Staff all worked from home, with all our Sites reopening in gradual phases once Safety Measures were put in place by our Partner Principal Contractors.

On Monday 29th June 2020 following a relaxation of lockdown restrictions, CMB took the decision to start a phased reopening of all our offices. A lot of time, careful planning and consideration was taken when coming to this decision and we have ensured all UK and Welsh Government guidelines and requirements have strictly been adhered to.

The phased reopening began with staff returning to the office on a Rota’s Basis (3 Days in the Office and 2 Days at Home) to keep staff levels low.

To help provide continued safety practice and social distancing as part of the phased reopening, we have implemented a comprehensive range of safety measures including:

  • Temperature checks of all staff and visitors upon arrival

  • Perspex Screens between Workstations

  • Hand Sanitizer stations

  • One-way systems to avoid people crossing paths

  • 1 Person Limit Entry for Welfare Facilities.

  • Enhanced cleaning routines

  • Enhanced Welfare Facilities (e.g. Hand Sanitizers and Anti-bacterial wet wipes) being provided to all staff

  • Visitors and Sales Representatives will not be permitted to visit without an appointment.

Following the successful phased reopening, CMB took a further decision to resume full-time operations in all the offices on Monday 3rd August 2020.


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