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CMB are now BRE Accredited

CMB recently achieved BRE Accreditation which is something we have been striving towards for some time now. This accreditation reflects on the company’s commitment to consistently improve safety measures and protocols in order to provide as valuable a service as possible.

David Williams, our Group Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, was instrumental in CMB achieving this accreditation. He commented:

“We are delighted to have successfully achieved BRE Accreditation for the installation of fire rated ductwork systems and fire rated dampers. Following industry guidance, we have taken the decision to ensure when moving forward, all installations are in line with BRE Requirements.

A lot of time and effort has been implemented to ensure as a company all our staff are suitably trained with up-to-date industry requirements to meet our client and customer needs.”

Operations Director, John Green added:

“CMB Engineering has recently been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board as a certified installer of passive fire protection products for fire rated ductwork systems and fire resisting dampers. This has been undertaken following consultation with our clients and supply chain to meet the ever-evolving requirements of fire safety installations within buildings.

All ventilation systems fitted by CMB and its sub-contractors will now be subject to the requirements of this certification. This again indicates the drive by CMB to be at the forefront of building services engineering from a quality and safety perspective.”

This is a big step in CMB’s compliance in fire protection services and we look forward to adding more value to the services we provide clients in the future.


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