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Cardiff City House of Sport Facilities Development

As part of our effort to increase sporting facilities in the city, CMB have been developing the House of Sport site in Leckwith for several months now and the works are entering the final stages.

Back in April, we partnered with Covair Structures Limited to take down the Cardiff City Air Dome and relocate it as part of the enabling works for the new Fitzalan High School campus (see image below). This was the first time an Air Dome of this size has been relocated in the UK and thanks to our skilled and experience team, we managed to successfully complete this task – it’s all part of the education of our workforce to tackle the unusual and learn to adapt to engineering challenges.

As of last month, the works are finally complete and we got to see Cardiff City Football Clubs youth team have their first training session on the brand new facilities (see images below).

This project was not only to develop the facilities available at our sister company, House of Sport Cardiff, but also to increase the sports and athletics facilities available to the community in Cardiff.

It is great to see CCFC’s players of tomorrow finally using the grounds to train and we look forward to seeing more community groups taking advantage of it soon too.

Next step… get that Air Dome cleaned and looking brand new!


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