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CMB Apprentice Nathan Kelly Wins Welsh HIP Learner of the Year

Congratulations to CMB Engineering Fourth-Year Apprentice, Nathan Kelly, who has been awarded the 2023 Welsh HIP Learner of the Year!

Nathan was nominated by his mentors at Cardiff and Vale College to participate in a live practical exam where his heating and ventilation skills were truly put to the test against others in the industry. The judges were thoroughly impressed by his attention to detail and where he consciously implemented improvement suggestions made by them last year, in turn producing an immaculate result.

CMB and CAVC couldn’t be more impressed that as a winner, Nathan will now be participating in the Grand Final at the Worcester Bosch Headquarters this April.

Nathan believes this award has solidified the confidence he has in his abilities, and he prides himself on his efforts being recognised nationally. He encourages others, if given the opportunity, to show what they can do under the spotlight as it can pay off invaluably.

Nicely done again, Nathan. We are thrilled to see you carving a name out for yourself in the industry!


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