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CMB Invest CSR into Willows High School

CMB Engineering are pleased to announce the opening of a new 3G football pitch at Willows High School in Cardiff.

We have been working in partnership with Cardiff Council, House of Sport Cardiff and Bridgend Street AFC to provide an all-weather 3G training pitch at Willows High Schools grounds just a couple of miles from our Cardiff office.

We discovered via one of our supply chain partners Securalec that Willows existing AstroTurf pitch had been declared unsafe and had remained unused for several years and that Bridgend Street AFC (a local Welsh league football team) who had played their home games on the grounds for the past 15 years, could no longer use the grounds for this same reason.

Upon discovering this news, we wanted to see if we could help and met with the school governors, local councillors and council officials to put a plan together to work in collaboration with the school, the club and House of Sport.

The House of Sport Air Dome at Leckwith was in the process of being relocated on the Leckwith sports campus to allow the new Fitzalan High School to be built. The existing pitch under the Air Dome was only 4 years old and was due to go to landfill. Our MD decided it was too good to scrap and paid to have it removed – it has now been given a new lease of life in a new home for the benefit of the school, the club and the wider community. It also now produces a revenue stream for the club to allow them to grow, with the facility offering year-round training at very affordable rates.

During the course of the works, we discovered that the existing floodlights were faulty and decided to replace them with new LED lights which significantly reduces running costs. Whilst on site, we helped the club refurbish the changing rooms also. In all £120,000 of investment has been put into the site. This is CSR delivered with our partners South Wales Sports Grounds, Securalec and our own staff at CMB Engineering.

Cardiff Council Leader Huw Thomas, councillor Ed Stubbs, Head Chris Norman, Bridgend St AFC Kingsley Lloyd, and CMB Director Bertie Borley joined CMB MD Steve Borley to view the newly laid pitch (see picture below).

The 3G pitch accompanied with floodlights is now completed and available for daytime use for Willows High and for hire for the local community clubs through Cardiff City House of Sport.


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