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CMB Employees Awarded Health & Safety Awards

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Congratulations to 3 CMB site staff for winning Health & Safety awards at their respective sites. From the whole team at CMB, we want to congratulate them for their constant hard work and dedication to ongoing safety on our sites.

Javaid Sarwar and Liam Edghill were awarded Green Cards for their continued efforts and the high standards they set on Two Rivers School in Bristol. Both individuals were reported to be consistently working safely and setting a good example to others on site.

Robert Bolton won his award for his constant effort to keep on top of housekeeping on Swansea University's CISM site and his attention to noticing issues before they become a problem has created a safe environment for the wider team.

We are proud to congratulate all 3 engineers for their awards and thank you for representing the company so well!

Published July 26th 2022


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