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Green Card Awarded to CMB 2nd Year Apprentice

Posted in: Apprenticeships, Awards & Recognition, CMB Staff

Ethan Thomas, CMB 2nd year apprentice, has been awarded a green card for his commitment to Health & Safety procedures on the Cardiff, Interchange site.

This week we are congratulating CMB second year Apprentice, Ethan Thomas, who has been spotted by ISG for his “proactive attitude, application and foresight” when dealing with onsite H&S and procedures.

A member of the ISG team watched Ethan politely remind older colleagues who were trying to leave site without signing out, to properly sign out upon leaving due to how important this process is to site safety.

ISG commented on Ethan’s actions saying: “It’s such a good sight to see young operatives show willingness and levels of consideration for the formal processes. Ethan articulated the correct process and the implications it causes to all companies involved to his colleagues (all who were older) and who listened and complied to what he said.”

Ethan was issued a green card by ISG as recognition of his work on the Interchange, Cardiff site.

Congratulations again!

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