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Environmental & Sustainability Policy

CMB Engineering is one of the largest independent Building Services Contractor’s in England and Wales. CMB Engineering carry out design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of all aspects of Building Services for commercial and industrial premises. These include: low pressure hot water heating, domestic hot and cold water services, ventilation and air conditioning, sanitary soil and wastes, automatic controls, gas, steam and condensate, laminate panels and cubicles, compressed air, processed water, chilled water, dust extraction, and maintenance services. We also carry out design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of electrical services.

CMB Engineering recognise that they will produce environmental impacts as a result of their business activities. Senior management have therefore implemented an Environmental Management System to show their commitment to establishing appropriate measures to reduce such impacts where possible. Steve Borley, Group Managing Director has the overall responsibility for environmental issues within the company and is fully committed to the commitments made herein and will ensure all necessary resources are made available to facilitate such commitments which include pollution prevention, continual environmental improvement and legal compliance. Day to day management of the EMS has been assigned to David Williams; Group Health, Safety & Environmental Manager though other employees shall be utilised as necessary to ensure the system functions effectively.

Responsibilities include:

  • Implementing and maintaining the EMS
  • Keeping the Environmental Policy up to date
  • Co-ordinating environmental improvements
  • Monitoring environmental performances and competence to ensure continual environmental improvement targets can be set
  • Communicating on all environmental issues, both internal and external
  • Keeping staff aware of environmental responsibilities, commitments, roles, authorities and environmental performance
  • Reporting to senior management on the organisation’s environmental performance and the effectiveness of its EMS

The Company will adopt BAT (Best Available Techniques) to address all its undertakings and activities with due consideration to all environmental aspects

Company aspects to be considered will include:

  • Materials / Substances to be used
  • Energy source / Type and Quantity
  • Emissions and Pollution
  • Noise
  • Re-cycling Properties.
  • Water Usage
  • Consideration of Sustainable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency

Whilst the actual work/activity aspect will be monitored continually by line management, the Company Policy will be reviewed annually and or when there are changes in legislation and or good working practices.


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